The series finale of The Owl House just aired, and I have been left with a deepening sadness as the realization that this fantastic adventure is over. If you haven’t seen this cartoon, go watch it now. It is a cute and epic story of friendship and self-discovery that everyone needs to experience at least once. While I am sad that the series is over, I am at least glad it got its proper conclusion.

Luz is an odd kid who has trouble fitting in. To fix how weird she is, Luz is sent to a camp that will make her normal. But instead of going to camp, Luz finds herself in the demon realm where she meets an eccentric named Eda. Through her adventures in the demon realm, Luz finally finds a place where she belongs. But an evil lurks in the shadows trying to destroy everything Luz has come to love. Can Luz become strong enough to save the world she now calls home?

The Owl House has easily become one of my favorite cartoons because of its fantastic storytelling, quirky characters, and epic adventure. If there is a better story out there, I will be back to tell you about it. 

This series is full of quirky characters that you will love unconditionally. Each goes on an important quest of self-discovery where they learn to be comfortable with who they want to be despite society’s expectations. Luz pushes people to think outside the box, and watching them grow alongside is delightful. I love how the characters at the end of the series aren’t in the same place as where they started. I love even more what they have become. 

Luz is an amazing protagonist. She is weird and quirky, but she is also strong in an authentic way. I loved watching her grow and fight for her beliefs as she went on her journey of self-discovery. Luz isn’t perfect. She makes mistakes, but she learns and grows from them. Her journey isn’t easy, and while there are times when she wavers, it is cute to watch how her friends are there to help her as she is always there to help them. I loved that as she began to find her place in the world, she was helping others find theirs. 

This series is silly and has some adorable quirks, but it knows when to get serious and tell its epic story. I can’t tell you how many times this series made me cry. This story builds ups to some pretty emotional beats that made me feel all sorts of emotions, but when this series gets epic, I was at the edge of my seat. I am sad the adventure is over, but I am not disappointed by how it ended. The series has such a good ending, and it told its story properly. 

If you haven’t seen The Owl House, you need to go and watch it. It is an epic adventure of friendship and self discovery that will make you laugh, cry and smile. Go stream it on Disney+!

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