When I saw the Sorry We’re Closed trailer on this year’s Indie Horror Showcase, I knew I needed to try the demo. Sorry We’re Closed looks like a fun and quirky homage to the classic era of survival horror, and I am here for it.

Michelle wakes up in the demon world after having been cursed by a demon. With the help of whatever she can find lying around, she must brave the horrors that roam this terrifying new world to find a way out. Do you have what it takes to set her free?

If you are looking for a spooky title to play, try this demo. The game does a terrific job of creating a spooky ambiance with its fixed cameras, music, and design. I loved the use of color, its edgy tones, and the gameplay. Exploration feels good, and combat feels even better. If you are a fan of the original Resident Evil game, this game should be on your wishlist.

I don’t normally do horror games, but I had to make this the exception. I’m hoping to grab a copy on release. Until then, make sure you play the demo, and add Sorry We’re Closed to your wishlist. 

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