TV Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Source Journey to the Center of the Earth is a delightful explorer movie that should be a part of your never-ending backlog of movies you still need to watch. To clarify, this review is about the made-for-TV version, not the theatrical one starring Brendan Frasier. As expected of any made-for-TV adaptation, this movie is a cheesy... Continue Reading →

The Wave (2019) Review

Source I will say this movie isn't for everyone. Its disorienting method of storytelling and subject matter can be off-putting. It is a movie about drug use. That said, the dizzying and disorienting trip this movie takes is worth watching at least once. This movie plays a lot with how it tells its narrative. The... Continue Reading →

Youtube Reviews: So Undercover

Source This was one of the better movies I have seen on the plat form. It is a generic undercover movie with a simple plot and simple characters. Honestly, if you have kids, you can do a lot worse. What really makes this movie work, scratch that, the only thing that makes this movie work... Continue Reading →

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