Youtube Reviews – Taxi (2004)

This is a dumb movie. You have Jimmy Fallon as an incompetent cop who is trying to prove himself. You have Queen Latifah who wants to be a race car driver. You have super model bank robbers and a  race against the clock to catch them. The whole idea is ridiculous and when this movie came out, it worked. Watching it now, the movie hasn’t aged well, the jokes don’t land, Jimmy Fallon is annoying, the special effects are ugly. It isn’t a bad movie, you can watch it but you will probably lose interest 30 minutes in. I suggest you watch this movie if you want something in the back ground that you don’t have to pay attention to.

It’s a very middle of the road movie. It’s not funny enough, not interesting enough, not exciting enough. It is just a movie you put on to pass some time and forget you ever watched it. You can do a lot worse for free.

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