It’s hard to write about this movie because it was so bland. This is a movie about the mundane nature of working at a super market. The humor comes from the extraordinary antics that come from the two main characters competing for the same promotion. It is a bit like Napoleon Dynamite in that nothing really happens, but it isn’t as good. I am sure if you like slow and awkward humor, you won’t mind this movie. Otherwise, you probably will lose interest towards the middle.

I do like that it makes a jab at retail corporate culture. The two main characters are stuck in dead end jobs and the promise of advancement is enough to make them go crazy. John C. Reilly puts it best at the end when he says “we’re all just out here tryn’ to get some food. Sometimes we bump into each other”. That is what this movie is a bout, two guys trying to put food on the table and survive working a job that doesn’t care about them or pays them enough. It is a commentary on low wage jobs, essential workers, and the people who exploit them. Is it effective in its message? I think so. Is it for everyone? No, most people looking for an entertaining movie will probably not like the pacing in this movie. I enjoyed it enough, but it doesn’t stand out in my mind and I probably won’t watch it again.