Youtube Reviews: The Shack (2017)

It’s a Christian movie. It explores a man’s faith in God through a series of conversations as a he works through the loss of his youngest daughter. Is it a good movie? No. It’s slow, repetitive, predictable and preachy. I lost interest half way through because nothing happens. Is it a good Christian movie? Yes. It has a clear message, it’s heartwarming, and it brings up a lot of good points about Christianity.

Overall, I can’t recommend this movie unless you are a very religious person. I am not very religious and I felt almost alienated by the content. This movie is a series of conversations about a person working through his faith. There is a sub plot about a kid napping and something about poisoning but most of your time with this movie will be spend listening to conversations that get a bit repetitive. Again there is nothing wrong with the content, the acting is solid and the overall theme of the movie is ok, it just didn’t resonate with me because it was a bit too preachy for my taste.

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