Youtube Reviews: Oliver, Stoned (2014)

This is a stoner comedy with some charm, but not enough to make it worth your while. If you smoke weed, I can see it being a better experience, but I wouldn’t classify this as a must watch. The plot is simple, the acting is decent, and the hi-jinks are outlandish but they fit the tone of the movie. If you aren’t high however, the cheesiness of the movie is off-putting and some of the characters  lean towards more of the annoying end of the spectrum.

It is a stoner movie so this movie is consistently stops to take a smoke break. This slows the movie down, not that there is much content to fill the space to begin with. Overall, I didn’t hate this movie. It was something to watch and I have most definitely seen worse. That said, I don’t recommend this unless you are really high and don’t have any better movies to watch.

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