Youtube Reviews: Idiocracy (2006)

This movie is a political satire that addresses the dangers of commercialism, complacency, and laziness. It is an interpretation of a possible future if we as a society do not change. The future is a waste land full of idiots who no longer are capable of solving basic problems. There are trash mountains, rampant government corruption, and human life is owned by corporations.  The movie is simple in it’s story telling, but it is a tone that fits the movie.

I recommend this movie based on it’s uniqueness. The acting is over the top. Some of the saturations and shenanigans are ridiculous.  It is an imagining of a future that hasn’t been presented before and I for one am here for it. I will say that this movie can put off some people. It can be gross, obnoxious, and rude but that is the point of the movie. Overall I believe it to provide proper social commentary and I urge everyone, even those who might not like it, to watch it. This is easily one of the better films on the platform.

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