This movie wasn’t bad, it was just boring. It is generic, lazy, and not really worth your time. This movie suffers a lot from its writing. The acting is fine and they try hard with the little they are given, but the jokes don’t really land and they try so hard to be funny that it leaves the movie feeling cartoonish.


This movie is a copy of these save the dying business comedies like Barbershop or Dodgeball, but it doesn’t have the charm that those movies have. Honestly, if you have seen one of these movies, you have seen them all.

Here is the plot: Man owns a failing business. Bills have been piling up for so long that they bank rightfully comes to take the failing business. There is a big evil corporation that comes to town who comes to take the business. There is a time limit and price tag to save the business. When hope seems lost, there is a contest with a prize that is conveniently the amount needed to save the business. For some reason, the leader of the successful business takes too much interest in this small failing business and also enters the contest to attempt to block the save. There is an embarrassing first encounter where the main character loses badly. He rallies and begins to win but there’s a fight between he and his friends. Some sabotage later the friends come back and work together on some rule bending technicality that wins them the contest, the town, and the girl. The Villain loses everything.

Honestly this movie, and movies like this wouldn’t work if the villain did nothing and waited for the failing business to fail a again. Despite the bait shop being the social hub for the community, the community is 4 people who don’t spend any money on bait.

If you like movies in this genre, I would suggest watching one of the better ones in the series. This one is incredibly generic and forgettable. It isn’t funny, entertaining, or worth your time.