Youtube Reviews: Nacho Libre (2006)

I will be upfront, I am a little biased when it comes to this movie because it played a big part in my teenage years. That being said, I urge you to watch this movie if you haven’t done so. This is a comedy that makes light of the mundane life in a sleepy village in Oaxaca. If you are looking for a loud and outrages comedy, this is not it. It is a quite ride where the guide is Jack Black and Jack Black came here to perform. I would argue that this is one of his best roles. He is charming, he is funny, and he brings in all the charisma this movie can hold within the limits of its run time. His performance alone should be enough to convince you to give this movie a chance.

If you have kids, this is an inoffensive movie to watch as a family. If you are bored and need something to watch, or re-watch, it’s free!

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