The Wave (2019) Review

I will say this movie isn’t for everyone. Its disorienting method of storytelling and subject matter can be off-putting. It is a movie about drug use. That said, the dizzying and disorienting trip this movie takes is worth watching at least once.

This movie plays a lot with how it tells its narrative. The scenes jump around abruptly, making it a bit disorienting to watch. It is confusing and frustrating; that is the point. It is supposed to feel like this deep crazy drug-fueled trip of self-discovery, and it works! If you have ever done hallucinogens or thought about doing them, this is a pretty solid representation.

What makes this movie work so well are the visuals and transitions. It is a very creative and interesting take on the genre. The wacky adventure is still somehow grounded and isn’t trying to be funny “The Hangover” and the clones that stem from it. Instead, it is a more serious trip of self-discovery that might end with a similar message, but the journey is a lot more interesting.

If you are in need of a weird and trippy movie, look no further. Do not be dissuaded by its odd packaging, I believe you should experience this at least once. If you have an Amazon Prime account, it is included in your subscription. If you don’t, it’s free on Vudu.

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