When I first watched this movie, it was fine. And it is. It’s a generic action movie that tries to be too deep for its own good. You can ignore the plot holes, the acting, and the improbable science and it’s still not good.

My biggest issue with this film is its preachiness. Every single scene in this movie is about class inequality is bad. Every sentence in this movie is about time. It beats you with the metaphor so constantly that it loses its power. I was so over this movie’s message by the first 20 minutes; it makes this movie hard to watch. They repeat a lot of the same lines. I think this movie has the honorable goal of making some type of social criticism. I don’t it is effective in its execution.

Another issue with this movie is the action is underwhelming. I think Justin Timberlake is the best choice for this movie. I think his acting is good enough for the writing, but he didn’t do much fighting in his time with NSYNC. I would have much preferred if he started singing and dancing. This movie as a musical would be something to behold.

The best part of this movie is easily the time cop that chases them. Cillian Murphy is much too good for this movie, but his character saves it for me. Other than that, I can’t say I cared for it too much.

You can do a lot worse for free. If you are looking for an action movie, the action isn’t very good. If you are looking for a compelling love story, I would call what the main characters have more lust than love. If you want to look at attractive people do stuff, yeah, this is it.

You can watch this with your Amazon Prime subscription. It’s also free over on YouTube. See the link below. Thanks!