If you haven’t seen this movie, I urge you to check it out. If you’ve seen it and love it, it’s free on YouTube.

As far as these road trip because one of our friends is dying movies go, you can’t go wrong with fanboys. It has a certain charm that I find is unmatched. Now I won’t sit here and lie to you, the ending is cliché. What is important here is the journey they go on and not the destination and that’s ok because you enjoy the journey they go on.

The characters are lovable and memorable. The hijinks for the most part are grounded in reality, and those that aren’t are funny enough that it doesn’t matter. It is a well-crafted movie and I urge you to watch it.

I particularly like that the nerd culture isn’t overbearing like in other movies. It feels like a group of friends who are passionate about Star Wars that set off on an adventure. It’s one of the better movies on the platform and you can’t go wrong with free.