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Mad God was the last movie I watched with my trial to the shudder streaming service and it has left me speechless. This innovative and creative journey through a confusing and nightmarish collection of narratives is an experience I suggest everyone have. It isn’t for everyone as it is very artsy and strange, but it is a movie that definitely redefines itself within the genre. If you want to watch a film that is different, uncomfortable, and somewhat frightening, give this movie a gander.

Mad God is a collection of stories that form a cohesive narrative told through a combination of mediums. Most of the movie is in stop motion, but it also mixes some CGI and live-action scenes for great effect. Keep in mind, that this is a silent movie, and it can be slow. Most scenes are composed of uncomfortable images and moments designed to make the audience uncomfortable. I would say that this movie works as a metaphor for the atrocities mankind is capable of. I am simply amazed by how far the creators were able to push this nightmare. This is a movie that pushes the limits of the genre in order to create a truly unique form of storytelling.

I liked this movie a lot. The stories it tells are interesting and the nightmare it sculps is fantastic. I have never seen anything like this. If you like experimental horror that pushes the envelope, check this movie out. Even if you don’t like these types of movies, I would ask you to experience the weirdness. It isn’t for everyone, but you can stream it on Shudder.

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