There isn’t much to say about this movie; this is a good one. Watch it! It is a Star Trek parody that ends up being the “Star Trek” movie we’ve always wanted. It is funny, it is suspenseful, it is exciting, and it has real character growth. I honestly believe that it achieves more than other more serious movies of the genre.

Keep in mind that this is a parody. Don’t expect amazing space battles, well-choreographed fight scenes, or genre-defining special effects. The movie is silly and leans heavily into its cheesy and over-the-top tone. It works well! Trust me.

Underneath all the silliness, however, is a serious message. The movie is about a group of actors that are trapped by the success of a show that is no longer running. They end up having to run through a circuit of conventions, desperately holding on to the feeling of what once was. They all share this sense of being trapped by the shadow of the show’s success, and they all desire to be a part of something greater.

And when the call does come, they answer it reluctantly, stumbling and fumbling along because they are just regular people. That’s what gives this movie its charm. No one knows what they are doing but they slowly fall into their role, growing ass they accept their responsibility. You come to this movie for its silliness, but you stay because you love how it plays out. It tells an engaging story for what it is.

You can watch it free on Youtube, PlutoTv and IMDBtv. It is also included with your prime subscription.