YouTube Movie Reviews: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Set in Depression-Era America, it weaves in different iconic moments throughout the adventure. I can not speak for its historical accuracy, but it does seem to align with other narratives from the era. History aside, there is a lot to love about the movie. The characters in this movie are fun and memorable, but my favorite has to be George Clooney’s pseudointellectual adaptation of Ulysses. The story itself, although it is an odd one, is engaging. Watching Ullyses and company travel through the American landscape is a fun and beautiful journey.

This movie also has one of my favorite soundtracks. My love for folk music began with this movie. Folk music has played an important role in American culture. It is only fitting that it accompanies our narrative.

I could keep going about this movie because it is one of my favorites, but I will end it here. You need to watch this movie!

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  1. Spot on. I love this movie as I love (most) Coen Brothers films. (Hudsucker Proxy being a notable and sad exception). I like your point about the characters. Reviews often talk about the Coen Brothers’ style, but I believe it’s their love of characters that makes their movies so memorable.

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