YouTube Movie Reviews: Battle Beyond The Stars (1980)

Battle Beyond the Stars is a Sci-Fi movie I didn’t know I needed in my life. YouTube has been recommending this movie for a while now, and today I finally decided to give it a try. I found it delightful. Fans of Sci-Fi or Fantasy, this is the movie for you. There are space battles, an evil warlord, unique characters, and an epic journey. This is a fun film, and I recommend it to everybody. 

I will say that some modern audiences might find the pacing a bit slow. I believe the pacing to be fitting, but it is something to keep in mind. The movie is also very cheesy, but the cheesiness is part of the charm. For those of you who love cheesy 80’s, you should at least consider¬†Battle Beyond the Stars.

My favorite aspect of this movie is the creativity. From the different aliens to the space ships, the filmmakers build a universe that feels diverse and expansive. You can tell this movie was low budget, but that doesn’t matter because the story is worth it. I didn’t care that some of the spacesuits were cardboard and duct tape. I didn’t care that the space battles were toys. I didn’t care because the story was so compelling. I admire how much suspense this movie creates with such a small budget.  Battle Beyond the Stars proves that a good movie doesn’t have to have a million-dollar budget to be good. All it needs is a good story.

For those interested, you can watch it on YouTube for free.

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  1. OMG! This is so classic late 70s/early 80s! I keep wanting to say I saw it, but I do believe it’s one I’ve missed. Its styling strikes me as a precursor to The Last Starfighter which is another campy 80s fav of mine.

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    1. It is very classic early 80’s. I just watched The Last Starfighter and it was a really fun movie. It is like Isakai before it was cool. I loved the story and the campiness of it. I lost it when he presses the last resort button and it just kills everything. Thanks for sharing!


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