Best of 2022

In no particular order, I have decided to compile a list of the best movies and tv shows I watched last year. The links will take you to the respective reviews and I have separated them by streaming service.




Apple TV



On Demand

If You Can Find It


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  1. I’ve read the series of graphic novels that “Paper Girls” is based on, and it is a fine story but haven’t watched the movie. Similarly, I read the Umbrella Academy books and they are great, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. I don’t know how the movies will hold up against the books.
    Anyway, as far as 2022, I’ve only seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (5 Stars), Where the Crawdads Sing (5 Stars – Excellent), Death on the Nile (5 Stars), and Moonfall (4 Stars). I spent a good part of 2022 catching up on 2021 movies, and other old movies.

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    1. I need to read the comics. The adaptations are solid but I can’t compre the too. I am very sad paper girls was cancelled though. I’m going to have to read the books for the series to fill the void it’s left behind

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      1. I read all of them as soon as they came out. Unfortunately, they are gone. I sold them back as soon as I read them – it takes the sting out of buying them new. I never had even one stay listed for long.

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      2. I actually ended up reading the Boys when I couldn’t wait for the new season. I liked the book a lot better, now all I need is time to read Paper girls. The art looks very cool, but I think I will have to settle for digital since I lack the space.


      3. Space is a problems; I started selling my old books on eBay and Amazon a long time ago to mkae space. I did, but I filled it all. It’s a never-ending battle, but I maintain an equilibrium. I’m on the computer for much too much already; reading digital books would overload my patience. A paper book, for me, is comfort.

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      4. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t read it, it just feels like work if I have to read more from a screen. I am also afraid that one day wherever I get the books from will decide I don’t own them and I would have paid for nothing. Much like a lot of my digital WII U games now that Nintendo doesn’t want to support the store. I will have to see if the library carries any of the copies.

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      5. I have found that the libraries here in Albuquerque stoock many graphic novels, particularly is they have an appeal to young readers. I’ve borrowed some, however, that I wouldn’t think appropriate for very young readers. Also, I have often found many through interlibrary loans. If it’s in the catalogue, it’s likely some library has it. I can search and reserve books online, then pick them up in a library branch that is close enough to walk to.

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  2. I’m not much of a movie or television person, so I’ve seen none of these, though some look very good. Thanks for the recommendations!
    One thing I saw that I really loved was an indie movie documentary “Wild Cat” — that’s my recommendation! 🙂

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  3. We loved the “Paper Girls” series on Amazon and were extremely disappointed when they canceled it after a single season. The entire series probably cost less to make than any random ten minutes of “Rings of Power” and it was a better show. Ah, well … Anyway, I ended up reading the comic book omnibus, so at least I got an ending, even if it was a lot different from the adaptation.

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    1. I loved this series so much! I agree, it was much better than Rings of Power. It definitely proves that expensive doesn’t equal quality. I just need to make time to read the comic because I need my closure.

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  4. I saw Nanny a month ago. I enjoyed this movie. It was a great film with a deep ending in regard to losing one child and regaining another as parts of the movie was revealing the process of this revelation.

    I watched some of Black Phone. I like the way it started off. I have to get back to the rest of it when I get into the mood for it.

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